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We strongly recommend that inspect your home for termites at least every 6 months. You want to detect termites early if they are at your property, the earlier the detection the less damage that can be caused to your property.

Termite damage is not covered by insurance. We strongly recommend that you get a termite barrier installed to stop termite infestations at your property.
Termites and white ants are the same things. Some people just tend to call it different names.
Yes, we use the safest and latest products in the market. We use the best products available in Australia In Certain situations or different kinds of pest treatment, we may tell you to leave the house or room being treated. For example, for flea control, we recommend that you leave the house for 4 Hours. Also for bed bug control, we recommend that you stay out of the room being treated for 4 hours. All of this is discussed with you before the technician arrives at your property.
We have a range of treatments and prices, depending on the size of your property, location, and what kind of pest problem you are having there.
A licensed pest controller, has the knowledge to identify pests, what harms they can cause , also know the best ways to eliminate pest infestations from your home or commercial location. Pest Controllers do a course which teaches them the knowledge required, also keep in mind the better products a licensed pest controller can use then the regular ones you can find from your local markets.
With seeing thousands of different situations you can count on a licensed pest controller.
Termites are not a kind of situation which anyone can randomly just inspect and treat. You need to be licensed and also have the experience. As experience plays the biggest factor for detecting termites; there are different types of termite species and sometimes multiple nests are at one location. You will need someone with experience that knows what there doing. No one wants to risk there property not getting inspected the right way by someone who is not licensed.
Approx 1 in 3 houses are attacked by termites. Termites can cause severe damage to properties and regular inspections are required for early detection.
There is no odour when we do the pest control service for your house or commercial location, we use the latest chemicals and we use the right amount according to the label requirements.
We have different treatments , for general pest control , we will use a safe liquid spray, gels, pest baits and dust.
Termite treatments we have chemical barriers , baiting system and Termite dusting.
Depending on what needs to be done, then we will determine which method works best.
We recommend getting pest control done at least every 6 months. Termite inspections should be done every 12 months depending on the environment situation more regular treatments can be required.